FREM is fully aware of the consequences of climate change and accepts client’s responsibility on this front as asset manager. Right from the start of a project, we take into account the client’s sustainability ambitions and those of the local authority.


Forum Real Estate Management is dedicated to reducing the waste of natural resources, to not pollute the environment as well as destroy local ecosystems by using sustainable resources.  FREM’s asset management team, together with its technical team, assesses those materials which can and cannot be used during the initial phases of the project, based on their recycling potential and environmental impact during production.

Investing in our future

Social and environmental responsibility are at the core of our values.

PERFORMANCE: we are committed to our buildings having the highest efficiency by adopting carbon neutral and energy positive strategies, either from their inception or as (re)development projects during the property’s lifecycle. From energy cogeneration systems to solar panels and electric chargers, we source and execute the best solution according to each asset’s characteristics;

RESPOSIBILITY: we choose to use sustainable and locally-sourced materials and adopt circular strategies to reuse and repurpose these, to extend each material’s lifespan;

PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE: we build and prepare our properties to be “future-proof” by designing places that are able to adapt to the market’s fast-paced evolution;

INFLUECING: As property developers and asset managers, we understand our role as protagonists in making sure our cities develop for a sustainable future and thus make sure to influence both those who invest and those who make use of our properties to make the most energy-saving and carbon-neutral choices.