Value Add

A Team of professionals, engaged on a daily basis in the different phases of analysis, management, and evaluation of every single asset, is at the core of all our projects. FREM responds to the needs of its clients, using a strategy which is targeted and personalised, thanks to a profound understanding of the market and consistent interaction with its stakeholders.


FREM manages each asset at 360 degrees with a proactive and creative approach. Starting from the definition of a tailor-made strategy and business plan, our goal is to increase property value. By monitoring footfall performance and market trends, we define long-term strategies that consolidate our assets in time.

The Asset Management team can support clients by liaising with financial institutions and conducting negotiations, thanks to our extensive experience in project financing. During transactions, FREM also coordinates the due diligence process and structures deals with our legal department.

In direct contact with both local and global operators in the retail market, FREM’s Leasing department is constantly expanding its network of partners to build the right brand mix for each shopping center. We are committed to establishing profitable and long-lasting relationships with each tenant guaranteeing that the asset’s growth is sustainable in the long-term.

With the aim of guaranteeing our properties are efficient, attractive and able to perform at the highest standards, our Technical Department constantly monitors each asset’s performance and coordinates (re)development initiatives that add value. From conception to completion, our architects and engineers supervise all project phases to make sure these are delivered as planned, within budget and in time.

FREM’s digital marketing team, collaborates regularly with the company departments. Its objective is to increase awareness of each single asset, reaching new customers as well as retaining customers through:

  • creation of digital campaigns
  • editing newsletters
  • planning communication strategies
  • supervising marketing activity

FREM carries out a series of services in favour of its clients:

  • accounting of the SPV
  • financial reporting
  • management of payments to suppliers
  • assistance in negotiating with financial institutions


Transforming difficulties in opportunities

We create places where people enjoy to spend their leisure time. Our teams work together to manage the entire asset management process with an integrated approach and with the goal to increase each asset’s value while responding to the changing demands of a market in constant evolution.